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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LOL: Toddler Dictionary - Featuring Tee from @TheTalkingShirt

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Kids are probably one of the best sources of humor there can be.

My favorite thing about little kids is their adorable baby-babble. When my daughter was first learning to talk, my husband would say that she sounded like we downloaded her from The Sims.

After a while you get used to it, and you learn how to communicate with your child using their own personal dictionary. I've kept a log of some of the funnier words my kids have said over the years and it's probably the best journaling I've ever done!

The photos in this post are of my daughter wearing a cute tee from The Talking Shirt. We were given the tee to review & take photos of via instagram, but I really wanted to showcase the photos here in a blog post too! (As a matter of fact, this adorable tee got us so many compliments that we added The Talking Shirt to our M.o.M.my-Must-Haves list!)

Scroll through, have a laugh, then share a favorite memory of your child when they were young! More details on The Talking Shirt can be found below!!

Toddler Dictionary

Hoda Bear: A white bear commonly found in the artic. This name is also good for all other bear-looking animals, with the exception of Winnie-the-Pooh, whose name has been shortened simply to "Ho-bear".

A-Stunk: A small black creature with white stripes, commonly known for giving off a bad smell when frightened.

Puhsy: A small green train featured on the Thomas & Friends children's cartoon. Used frequently in sentences describing how much the train is loved, usually followed by immature laughter from any nearby adults. Example: "I like my Puhsy train!"
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The Talking Shirt - high quality apparel with positive messages!
De-baby-she-poops!: An expletive-like comment used to describe the passing of gas by newborns. Usually shrieked out in the highest pitch possible while running away from said newborn.

MommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMomMomMomMomMommmmmeeeee: A ritualistic greeting for children under four. Commonly precedes a shorter greeting such as "Hi".

Choos: The things that go on your feet, pronounced with perfect Puerto Rican flair just like Grandma. (See also: Chi-chago, charing, and chirt.)
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The Talking Shirt offers unique, inspirational tees!
Towett: A large porcelain bowl located in bathrooms. Used to see which toys will float and for making the necessaries. Generally only asked for after necessaries have already been made in pants.

Strawbaby: A small red fruit. Best eaten by chewing until mushy and spitting out the part you don't want on the floor. If you can find a white carpet on which to spit it out, even better.

Desdirt: A large, sandy area located next to the ocean.

Igitdadoor! Igitdadoor!: A bit of toddler-gibberish, usually yelled while running towards the entry of the domicile. Translated into adult-speak it means: "I'm letting these strangers in the house even though you're wearing a bath towel, just try and stop me!"
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Be your own kind of hipster with tees from The Talking Shirt.
Crap-time: An hour or so of the day spent with mommy during which paper, pom-poms, recycling and other items are glued, colored upon, glittered, and painted to create mini-works of art such as the ever-popular hand-print turkey or tin-can pencil holder. In a sentence: "Mommy, can we make a crap now?"

Mytonies: Small, plastic horses in all different colors. Usually the cause of a lot of crying whenever someone else touches one or they cannot be located. Frequently confused with "My-Tony", which is the pet name of a favorite uncle.

Fugk: This little green creature can be found in ponds, happily croaking and/or hopping about. Asking repeatedly about fugks in Sunday School may lead to a parent receiving an after-class chat with the teacher. Especially if said parent owns a plastic version that their child plays with at home.

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Could she be any sweeter in this Jesus Loves Me Tee from The Talking Shirt?
Shipt: This seemingly harmless bath toy can cause quite a bit of confusion, yelling, motherly horror and/or upset if used in certain occasions and not properly understood. Example: "Mommy, sissy got her shipt on my side of the bathtub."

Disismines: This word translates into a phrase that roughly means, "This belongs to me", but with a much fiercer attitude. It is generally followed by "andisisminestoo", which is translated as "And this also."

Torntida: Corn chips that are the most fun to eat when they can be smashed into a million billion pieces and scattered all over the carpet.

Ahhnnnts! Ahhhnnts!: Little black bugs that are the cause of general shrieking, nonsense, and slapping of choos on the floor. Always appear after the eating of torntidas & strawbabys; impossible to get rid of.

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A beautiful girl wearing a tee with a beautiful message.


Want to more about The Talking Shirt? You can find them online at www.TheTalkingShirt.com for a unique assortment of clothing for boys & girls (and now moms!) full of positive messaging & eye-catching designs. You can also find them on social media via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Do you remember some of the things your kids used to say? What was your favorite?
Chat with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers!

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  1. Those are so cute! My nephew likes "Puhsy" too and says it the same way. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    pennies.points.prizes at gmail dot com

  2. I like the dictionary, it reminds me of my identical twin grandson's having a conversation
    together lol. Thank you for the post.

  3. Printed out and goes on my wall in my office #laughs!

  4. Really cute! So true, kids have their own way of saying things.

  5. Love it~ Wished I had written down several things my kids had said~

  6. This is to cute and funny ,love it!

    I sometimes wish my 2 year old daughter did toddler talk but she is to smart!She can have long conversations and always pronounces every word correctly.My mom said she came out the smartest of all of her kids and grandkids lol.

  7. Gotta love the kids. They always make me smile.

  8. my oldest son would look at mazagines while waiting in the Dr. office. we often ate busketti for dinner and my grand daughter called our cat bookie instead of boots.
    physcomomz65@aol.com oh and my e mail address was given to me by my son who was trying to spell psychmom.

  9. Miss Sarah - So glad I'm not the only one with a kid walking around saying that! mkjmc - I think we all feel that way with one thing or another. My big regret is not taking more video of my first child when he was a baby! It's not too late to start though. My mom tells me I say ridiculous things all the time ;D

  10. This is awesome! What a great idea to improve your communication skills with your young ones & improve thiers too!

  11. Loved it! Too cute! Thank you for sharing!

  12. "Dada" is both Daddy and Santa which was very confusing during Christmas. Truck is pronounced "f!@#." Imagine being in a store when your 2 year old sees a truck and yells something COMPLETELY different!

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    1. Hahah! That made me laugh Erin!! I too have been caught in the store with my son saying something that has strangers giving me horrified looks. Unfortunately, the more you tell a kid to shush in that situation, the louder they seem to yell it!! ;D

      Comment originally posted by Alicia Figueroa on March 19, 2014 at 2:56 PM.
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