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Monday, June 29, 2015

Will your pet be safe on July 4th?

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Statistics show that July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters
across the country. Are you and your pet prepared for this holiday?

Every year we set off fireworks in a celebration of our country's birth. What we don't realize is that across the nation loving pet owners are unknowingly sending their dogs & cats into a state of fear. Pets that are afraid of loud sounds often act out as they try to escape the strange smell & frightening noises that fireworks can make.

Sometimes dogs that are frightened by the noises will simply be destructive - chewing on things they shouldn't, digging holes, and scratching at floors and walls. Other times they run away in panic, trying to find a place away from the fireworks and end up running so far from home that they become lost.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a ThunderShirt for free so that I could review it on my site.

(Psst! I reviewed a ThunderShirt for a dog, but they make them for CATS too - see HERE.)

What is ThunderShirt & How Does it Work?

The ThunderShirt is basically a product that allows your pet to feel as if he or she is receiving a constant hug. Instead of being terrified by the loud sounds with no one there to comfort them, a ThunderShirt provides the benefit of allowing your pet to feel as if they are being swaddled at all times.

Think back to a time when you were a child and had a vivid nightmare. When you woke up, you likely knew it wasn't real, but that still didn't matter until you got a hug from your mother, grandma, dad or other family member that protected you.

Sadly, animals don't realize that what they are hearing is not a "real" danger, and we can't always be with them to calm them down.

When my sister and I initially took the ThunderShirt out of the box we noticed that the material was stretchy & strong. I can definitely tell that the material is good quality and it won't "stretch out" and become useless after a few wears.

We put the product to the test on our dog Lacey to see how it would work; you can watch the video below!:

The demo clearly shows that the ThunderShirt is not only stylish, but very easy to use. (So easy in fact that my youngest sister was able to put it on our dog after only one practice try!)

Lacey definitely didn't seem to mind wearing the ThunderShirt (comfort is always a plus!) and we plan on putting it on her during 4th of July to see if we can get her to stop digging. (That's a pretty big problem for us!)

Yay, Pet Accessories!

Another thing I thought was cool about this product was that there is a whole line of products you can use in conjunction with the ThunderShirt. You can purchase accessories to add a layer of warmth or style for your pet, a leash that gently teaches your dog to stop pulling, or their calming ThunderSpray.

A unique factor on the ThunderShirt is the ThunderPatch, where you can apply some of the ThunderSpray. The scent of this spray keeps your pet calm on-the-go when you put it on the patch, adding an extra layer of calming protection for your fur-baby!


You can visit ThunderShirt on www.ThunderShirt.com to make a purchase, or interact with them via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Are you & your dog ready for 4th of July? What do you think of the ThunderShirt?

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