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Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY Baby Wipes!

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Are you a do-it-yourselfer? This easy how-to for baby wipes allows you to control exactly what you put on baby's sensitive skin!

I love making my own household items because I can control exactly what is used in every product. In an era where just about everything has unpronounceable chemical names in the ingredients list, it's nice to be able to look around my house and see a plethora of homemade items that I know are safe.

This DIY idea was actually handed down to me by my mother, and I'm pretty sure she got it from one of the nice Amish ladies we live near. Not only is it inexpensive to make, but you can put the wipes in just about any container you have handy.

To make this recipe, you only need three simple items:

Paper Towel Roll

Make sure that if you are using a pull-through container that you get THICK paper towels. (The ones with the horizontal lines that feel a little cushion-y seem to be the perfect strength.)

Container for the Wipes

I love getting the cheapo round container of baby wipes at the store and then replacing it with my own! (Especially since I only want the container and not those cheapy baby wipes, haha.) If you're a fan of the travel packs, a simple plastic baggie works wonderfully.

Wipes Solution

You can make your own solution at home using any number of recipes on the internet. The beauty of making your own wipes is that you can decide exactly what is going to be touching your sweet baby's sensitive skin. You can pick scented or unscented, lotion or no lotion, etc.

You can also purchase homemade baby wipe solution online! With places like Amazon & Etsy to buy from, I'm finding more high-quality beauty products than ever for prices that are way cheaper than the chemical-filled stuff I find in department stores. (Seriously, in the past month I've found about three products I can no longer live without!)

You may have heard of the Dear Baby Product line before due to their ever-growing fan base and their recent inclusion in the line-up at select Whole Foods stores. Kate, the co-founder of the company, actually reached out to me recently to see if I'd like to try some of the Baby Wipes solution she makes up in exchange for my review. I was definitely on-board and thrilled to be talking with a powerhouse momma like her!

homemade baby wipes solution, natural baby wipes, organic living

Not only is Kate an amazing example of what moms can accomplish when they decide that they've had enough of "mainstream" ideas & products, but she is walking testament to the all-natural & organic lifestyle. She was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant and made it her mission to live a more healthy & natural lifestyle. Thankfully, she is cancer-free now and making up some of the most incredible homemade products I've ever seen! (Seriously, this chocolate dryless shampoo with actual cocoa in it? I want.)

One of the things I really loved about her product line though is that if you don't see exactly what you want she will custom-make it for you. (Try getting your usual name-brand to do that for you.) None of the ingredients she uses are anything you couldn't get from the grocery store, and none of them have parabens, dyes or fake fragrances. AND they don't test on animals. AND all of the products are safe-to-use while pregnant. AND they smell amazing. You gotta love all that.

How-to Make the Homemade Wipes

Now on to the tutorial! Making your own wipes out of paper towels is really, really easy. First and foremost, always make sure that whatever container you are using has been thoroughly cleaned. You don't want leftover-whatever-it-was in there ending up on baby's bottom.

Grab your paper towel roll and a sharp knife and slice through the middle of the roll. (By the way, I don't recommend getting the paper towels that have the half-sheets or you'll end up with teeny squares that aren't very handy for wiping the bigger messes!)

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After you've sliced the paper towel roll in half, pull the tube up and out of middle of the roll. It doesn't matter if someone the paper towels pop up with it since you'll be pulling them up from the middle anyhow.

If you're using a round container squeeze the towel roll together in a small bundle so that it will fit. Make sure to pull a paper towel or two up out of the middle so you know where you will be tugging new ones from. If you're using a plastic baggie for easy travel convenience, simply place the roll into the bag with the tuft facing up towards the plastic zip.

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All you have to do now is add in the wipes solution & pop the lid on (or zip the bag closed)! I used to make my own wipes solution, but to be honest it's just so much easier for me to buy it. Plus the ingredients used by Dear Baby smell and feel great - they clean really well and are super gentle!

dear baby products, make your own wipes, reusing containers, reusing baby wipes containers, homemade baby wipes

My kiddos are out of diapers but still use wipes when they use the toilet, so making my own is a definite "must" if I don't want to unclog the toilet. (In case you didn't know, most store-bought wipes are just horrid for the environment AND for plumbing. Even the ones that are supposedly flushable.) However, the thought definitely occurred to me that this wipes solution would have been spectacular to have back when I was cloth diapering and used a Warmies wipes warmer. (You have to keep them moist with something while they're in the warmer if you're using actual washcloths.)

I've gotta say I'm pretty darn impressed with the list of ingredients that Dear Baby allows in their products. It's crazy to think that all of that stuff combines to make these products, and that they actually work!

If you're thinking of going natural (or you already have gone natural!) you should take a peek at their product line-up on the Dear Baby Etsy store.

Want to know more?

You can connect with Dear Baby Products by visiting their website at www.dearbabyproducts.com. Or you can find them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!

Do you have any products that you prefer to make yourself?
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