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Fun Easter Activities

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Kids get so excited in the days leading up to the Easter holiday, they get extra time of school and the Easter bunny bringing chocolate bunnies doesn’t hurt either even though they are always curious about how easter eggs are made.  You’re probably looking for some activities to keep them occupied, but you want to find activities that are not only fun but educational as well.  There are plenty of activities they can do at home or at school that will let them learn and have fun at the same time.  Let’s look at some fun Easter activities

Easter Egg Crafts

There are tons of crafts you can do to get ready for Easter that kids of any age can do.  Making their own Easter cards is always fun, they can use different colored paper and stickers to create works of art for grandparents or anyone else.

Hands down the most common Easter activity is to decorate and color Easter eggs.  They can paint or dye Easter eggs and create different figures with their Easter eggs by painting faces on them.  Kids of all ages love to play with dyes and paint and this is an inexpensive albeit messy afternoon of fun.  Decorating eggs can be educational if you encourage them to try symmetrical patterns and bands of color.  Here are some ideas for decorating Easter Eggs

Puzzles and Games

After you are done making crafts then you might want to try some games or puzzles.  At that time of year there are going to be plenty of Easter themed games available at your local toy store.  You can grab some age appropriate jigsaw puzzles with pictures of the Easter Bunny or of Easter eggs.  Sit the kids down at the kitchen table and let them go to work!

Board games are also lots of fun and you might even want to create your own.  You can your children together can create your own board game, encourage them to be creative in both how the game is played and the actual setup of the game.  Scavenger hunts are also fun and you can even use the backyard to hide various things.  As long as the kids understand not to leave the yard, you can hide all kinds of things they will need to make crafts.

There are loads and loads of activities you can do with kids of all ages, you can take some of your favorite things and just introduce an Easter theme.  The important thing is that everyone has some fun.

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