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Get Paid to Review Products & Use Social Media!

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This site makes up about 30% of my income as a blogger. To sign up with them, you need to have an active presence in social media and have a decent follower count.

Requirements: Anyone can sign up, but if you don't have a high enough follower count on some of your social medias, you may not be approved.

Get Sponsored by Big Brands

Make the best of it: Check daily for opportunities with this site to make sure that you're maximizing your potential with them. Go for the $1 per month account to be able to bid on the most opportunities.


This is a review site aimed at people traveling with children. I put a review up here whenever I have the chance. The people who post the best reviews on their site are chosen to be 'Superoos', which qualifies them for free travel opportunities as reviewers on Trekaroo's behalf. I have been on several paid-for trips this way.

Requirements: You don't have to be a blogger, you just have to be someone who has experience traveling with kids!

Make the best of it: Use good grammar and write reviews about places you've recently been. Fill out your profile completely and interact on the forums to get noticed by others in the Trekaroo community. Superoos are chosen once each year.

Mom Central

This is a site that sends out blog blasts & influencer activations. So far I've worked once with them, it was a very straight-forward & easy post, and the compensation was better than most.

Requirements: You need to be a blogger that is active in social media with Google Analytics enabled and good page view count.

Make the best of it: Don't sign up until you are able to submit a healthy screenshot of at least 6-months worth of Google Analytics. If you qualify for an activation they will more than likely ask you for this information, and if you aren't prepared (like I wasn't) it may be a while before you receive another shot.


I love this site for getting freebies! Not only have I received quite a few packages full of goodies from them, but they also throw Twitter Parties for their members to participate in. You can win some really great prize packs (I've won 2!) and all they ask in return is that you leave a few mini-reviews of the products they send.

Requirements: You need to have a computer and be willing to share your opinion of the products you receive. Anyone can join Smiley360.

Make the best of it: Fill out your profile information completely and join in all of the @Smiley360 Twitter Parties that you can find! Even if you don't get a package right away, you'll be eligible to win a lot of great prizes!


This is another fantastic site for getting free stuff! I love the look of this site and the boxes they send (called VoxBoxes) are always full of really nice products. They also throw Twitter Parties where members are eligible to receive really great prizes!

Requirements: You need to have a computer and be willing to share your opinion of the products you receive. Anyone can join Influenster.

Make the best of it: Although it isn't required, it is best to be active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. (Bonus points if you have a blog!) Fill out your profile completely and do product reviews on the site to increase your score & chances of receiving a VoxBox.


Do you love glam & girly products? If so, this is probably a great product review site for you. I have received quite a few product reviews from this site and all of them have been top-notch. Although there is a possibility of receiving a paid opp from this site, I have only received product reviews so far.

Requirements: You should have a blog and be active in social media before applying on BrandBacker. (Bonus points if your blog already has a beauty or fashion theme!)

Make the best of it: If you aren't a beauty or fashion blogger, you can still participate! Show BrandBacker sponsors you're serious by reviewing a few items that you already own and creating a tab for those type of posts.


This is a brand-new blogger opportunity site. Although I don't believe they are sending opportunities out yet, I do know that they are looking for bloggers to fill their team.

Requirements: You need to be a blogger that is active in social media.

Make the best of it: Check the site frequently so that you are one of the first to know when they start posting opps! Newer resource sites always have fewer members, which means you have a better shot at getting the great opps you want!


This is a site that will pay you to tweet! I just recently cleared their vetting process and qualified for my first tweet within about a week of sign-up.

Requirements: You need to have a good social following on Twitter.

Make the best of it: While you wait for opps, build your Twitter following so that you're really able to impress your sponsors when the opportunity arrives.

The Blogger Programme

If you're a UK blogger, this is definitely a site you want to check out!

Requirements: You can live anywhere in the world, but it definitely helps to live in the UK. You need to be a blogger with an active social media presence.

Make the best of it: Impress sponsors with a catchy bio and photograph. You only have a short amount of space to sell yourself, so use it wisely!


This is a great site for influencers! In addition to providing paid review opportunities, they also offer paid giveaway opps that really pay well if you can get your followers to enter contests!

Requirements: You need to be a blogger with an active social media following.

Make the best of it: Log in frequently to see what is going on at Sverve. Don't wait for them to come to you or you might miss out on a lot of great opportunities!


This is a newer influencer site for me, but I've already received a product review opportunity - and it was a great one! This site has a nice clean-cut feel to it and provides product & paid review opportunities.

Requirements: You need to be a blogger with an active social media following.

Make the best of it: Fill out your profile completely and interact with ModernMom via social media to let them know you are serious!


This is a site that combines thousands of affiliate earning opportunities into one handy platform! They auto-insert codes to turn your current links into money-earning links, and highlight words in your posts for additional earning opportunities. This program is so easy to use that I almost forget I have it!

Requirements: You need to be a web-site owner to utilize SkimLinks. Although you will receive the most benefit from this site if you have heavy traffic from users who are getting ready to buy the items they are doing web-searches for, anyone with a working website can use this platform for free.

Make the best of it: Certain companies through SkimLinks offer special offers throughout the year that result in a higher commission for website owners. If you're a blogger, make sure to write about those companies or create a wishlist of products you'd like to have from them for extra compensation.

Advertise with Bloggers

This is a new site for me, but many of my blogger-friends have received paid post opportunities this way.

Requirements: You need to be a blogger to sign up, and the suggested domain authority ranking is a minimum of 30.

Advertise With Bloggers

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