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About Me

Hi my name is Alicia and I'm the lead blogger at MasterofMom.com! My time is spent between going on adventures with my kids & husband, trying out new recipes/experiments in my kitchen, and trying like a mad rabbit to keep up with the constant work of household chores. Sometime in there, I find time to write in the blog and catch up on paperwork!

I love writing, sewing, playing with my kiddos, discovering new places, crafting, cooking, and playing video games. (Mario Galaxy anyone?)

I am somehow able to pursue my endless list of passions in life, and I have God, my supportive husband, and my two ornery children to thank for it. I couldn't do life the same without them!

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Bragging Rights

  • I'm the oldest of nine kids and can change a poopy diaper in less than a minute.
  • I taught myself how to do electric work and only got shocked twice.
  • I speak cat. Fluently.
  • I can watch The Notebook all the way through without crying. (But only if I bite my tongue in half and clear my throat a lot.)
  • My sneezes are loud enough to make small children run screaming for cover.
  • I can toot in front of my husband with getting embarrassed.
  • I know how to drink whiskey without making a horse-whickering noise.
  • I'm almost 30 and can still pull an all-nighter if I have to.
  • I can capture my husband's attention for tens of minutes at a time. (TENS of minutes! Do you know how spectacular that is!?)
  • My kids think I'm 'da bomb' because they are still too young to know better.