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Family Activities for Preschoolers

Busy parents know how hard it can be to keep kids busy and finding things to do seems like an exercise in futility.  Don’t despair we’ve all been in that boat and hopefully we can come up with some ideas for family activities for preschoolers.  Think back to the things that you used to like to do as a child, there’s no reason that your kids shouldn’t enjoy these activities too.  So let’s look at some things you can do as a family to keep those preschoolers occupied.


Music is a great idea and kids love music.  Music lessons are a great way to help them learn and to keep them occupied, you can play with a variety of instruments and allow them to be creative.  There is the social aspect to music as well, you can put together musicals, plays or just form a band.  You never know you could turn out to be the next Jackson 5.  Here are some ways to get toddlers interested in music.


Art is another fun activity for kids of all ages and it is another way they can learn how to express themselves.  Throw on some old clothes and pull out the finger paints.  You can hang the art they create on their walls and kids love getting dirty.  Art projects are a fun way to build their self-esteem and get them interested in learning in the future.


Sports and any physical activity is another thing the whole family can get involved in.  You don’t need much in the way of equipment you can make do with just a ball.  There are so many benefits to sports, it keeps kids healthy both physically and mentally.  It teaches kids all about teamwork and cooperation.  The social activity of sports alone is well worth the time spent.

It really doesn’t matter so much the activity that you choose the important thing is trying to do things together as a family.  You can try a variety of things you like before you hit on some favorites.  Don’t worry if your child hates art or playing soccer, they will develop their own interests as they grow up and they might not be activities that you enjoy.  There are programs that are available for preschoolers that you can enroll them into as well.  The point is letting them have some fun while they are doing them.